Repairs, Servicing and Inspections

We Can Offer You A Substitute Service…

Over many years of trading, we have gained influential partners in the lifting industry, ensuring we can repair and service most leading brands in-house, quickly and efficiently; we do however offer a substitute service whilst your repairs or tests are being carried out so that you do not experience any unnecessary ‘down time’.

Test Certificates As Standard…

All repairs are carried out in accordance with LOLER & PUWER legislation by one of our highly trained, competent members of staff who will issue a valid LOLER test certificate upon successful completion.

Detailed Deterioration Inspections…

Complying with LOLER Regulations, we address the specific risks associated with the use of lifting equipment by examination and inspection. If lifting equipment, including accessories are exposed to conditions such as wet, abrasive or corrosive environments that can cause deterioration, they should undergo planned, regular, systematic and detailed inspections to detect any defects that are, or may become dangerous.

Our highly competent Inspection team, who collectively possess extensive knowledge coupled with comprehensive practical experience, will assess and identify any associated weakness or vulnerability that could impact on the equipment’s current and continued safe use.

With our full range of available testing facilities we can subject all lifting equipment to rigorous analysis giving independent, objective decisions to ensure that the lifting equipment is safe for continued use.

Thameside Lifting thoroughly examine lifting equipment for defects before initial use, unless it has an ‘EC Declaration of Conformity’ of less than one year old and was not assembled on site; if it was, it must be checked to establish correct and safe assembly.

Where equipment is exposed to conditions bringing about deterioration, tests at regular intervals of either 6 or 12 months will be carried out, depending on whether the equipment is for lifting people or not. Alternatively we can assist by drawing up an examination schedule for you to work to, based on our unique colour code scheme using one of a series of colours at six monthly intervals, giving a yearly visual rotation and a simple to understand system.

Are your slings safe?…

At times lesser quality slings are introduced to the UK market by unscrupulous suppliers, but with our own batch testing regime, we offer only the safest possible slings at the best possible price, working continually to ensure our clients comply with current LOLER legislation.

We will not jeopardise your safety and that is a fact.

  • Instructions for the safe use of Round Slings
  • Instructions for the safe use of Flat Slings

Proof Testing and Shock Load…

Proof testing is essential for all types of lifting equipment from chain blocks, gantries, hoists and jacks right through to access platforms, trolley jacks and winches as part of their maintenance and repair programme, as it ensures their structural integrity and compliance with government regulations.

We perform web sling tests to determine ‘shock load’. Shock load is the minimum amount of force exerted on a material sling that causes it to snap, this is considerably more than just an increase in tension.  Every piece of equipment has a shock load capacity that is clearly printed on it, however, over time degradation can occur, which is why routine testing is imperative.

We proof test and shock load all the lifting equipment in our Essex based warehouse, which includes our own equipment for hire or sale, therefore when you rent or buy from Thameside Lifting, you can be sure everything comes fully tested, guaranteed and maintained to the highest standard.

The required safety specifications are in place for your safety, knowing the shock load of your lifting equipment is a matter of life or death.

How Can We Help You?…

Call us on 01375 366888 to schedule your proof test today, or discuss our in-stock lifting equipment for hire or sale.

On Site and In-house Inspections…

Thameside Lifting offer an extensive range of examination, test and repair facilities at our modern fully equipped workshops in Grays, which is staffed by LEEA qualified engineers.

Our thorough inspection service is built on giving an efficient and cost effective turnaround on equipment whilst minimising down time. Where the examination reveals the need for remedial works, we offer a fully detailed quotation for your consideration enabling you to retain control of costs.

In house test facilities include a 70 Tonne horizontal tensile test machine, a 5 Tonne counterbalanced load multiplier rig and a 100 Tonne hydraulic test rig.  We repair a wide variety of equipment brands such as Genie, Checkmate, Yoke and Hackett, Tractel, Morris, Pfaff, Gis and Lodestar and in addition, our experienced engineers can develop bespoke test rigs for those tricky ‘one off’ requirements.

Colour Code Management System…

We offer a Lifting Equipment Management Plan based on a colour code scheme using one of a series of colours at six monthly intervals giving a yearly visual rotation and a simple to understand system.

The plan includes:

  • A database of your equipment
  • Reports of thorough examination to comply with the requirements of LOLER
  • Tagging of each item within that six month periods colour
  • Status Boards – which can be personalised with your company logo – to inform your staff of the current colour they should be using.
  • A reminder system to let you know that the next examination is due.

Your Legal Duties…

If you are an employer or self-employed person providing lifting equipment for use at work, or if you have control of the use of lifting equipment, you have a duty to make sure the lifting equipment is safe.

The main requirements for you as a ‘duty holder’ are to comply with the ‘Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998’ (PUWER) and the ‘Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998’ (LOLER).

Depending on the equipment installed, some or all of the following regulations and standards may require you or your business to ensure continual compliance. This will be via inspection, re-certification and training, which is much more than just a box ticking and certificate issuing exercise and must be undertaken by a competent company, such as Thameside Lifting, on a regular scheduled basis.

  • BS EN 7883:2005 Code of practice for the design, selection, installation, use and maintenance of anchor devices conforming to BS EN 795
  • BS EN 365: 2004 Personal protective equipment against falls from a height. General requirements for instructions for use, maintenance, periodic examination, repair, marking and packaging
  • Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998: Maintenance – Regulation 5, Inspection – Regulation 6, Information and Instructions – Regulation 8 and Training – Regulation 9.
  • Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 (as amended): Compatibility of personal protective equipment – Regulation 5, Maintenance and replacement of personal protective equipment – Regulation 7, Information, instruction and training – Regulation 9, Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 and Maintenance of workplace and of equipment, devices and systems – Regulation 5.

We Can Help Make Sure You Are Compliant…

If you don’t comply with the current legislation you can be held responsible should an accident occur, particularly if the equipment is found to be faulty and/or un-certified. Thameside Lifting have qualified personnel who can attend & view your operation to ensure you are compliant with all the regulations.

Don’t Let This Happen To You…

If an accident happens and there is a fatality, you or your company’s health and safety culture will be examined thoroughly under the Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007.

Don’t let this happen to you, call us now on 01375 366888, fill in the details below or email us on