29 Tonne Komatsu PC290-10 18m Reach Hire

Engine: Komatsu SAA6D107E-2 Tier IIIB
Output HP: 159 kW/213 HP
Max reach: 12M (standard arm) 18M (high reach arm)
Operating weight:36,000kg (standard arm) 38,500kg (high reach arm)



Our Komatsu PC290-10 high reach excavator has a full demolition cab guard with falling object protection & triple glazed windscreens.

It is capable of using up to a 2500kg attachment with a vertical reach of 18 meters, open/close & rotate hydraulic circuits for grabs, crackers, shears or breakers.

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Our fleet of powerful High Reach Komatsu 290-10 crawler excavators reduce the risk for operatives when working at height. During demolition for example, wherever possible and if appropriate to do so, we recommend the use of these High Reach Excavators with their vertical 18m reach, as the most cost effective way to demolish a variety of structures.

  • High and Ultra High Reach Machines are equipped with an integral dust suppression system that delivers an adjustable water spray directly at the work face, reducing the need for hand held systems.
  • To allow for the use and quick interchange of many attachments, the 290 has a power supply for a hydraulic quick coupler with adjustable pressure settings, the oil flow delivery to the hydraulic attachments being adjustable on the wide screen monitor panel within the cab.
  • The powerful and fuel-efficient Komatsu SAA6D107E-2 engine in the PC290-10 delivers 159kW/189 HP and is EU Stage IIIB/EPA Tier 4 interim certified. To maximise power, fuel efficiency and emission compliance, it is turbo charged and features direct fuel injection, air-to-air after cooling and cooled EGR.
  • The ‘Eco-gauge’ targets fuel consumption value, encouraging work efficiency whilst the ‘idle caution’ further avoids fuel wastage when the machine is not actually working, by displaying an idle caution if the engine idles for 5 minutes or more.
  • The PC290-10 comes with a “Topcon ready” option for 3D machine guidance systems for precise positioning and machine control, reducing work time, enhancing job safety and allowing millimetre accuracy when digging or grading.
  • Six working modes, Power, Lifting, Breaker, Economy, Attachment Power and Attachment Economy all ensure optimum performance and fuel consumption.
  • The spacious cab with triple glazed windscreen (ROPS compliant with ISO 12117-2:2008) includes a heated air suspension seat, air conditioning and an air filter to prevent external dust from entering the cab and a sprung multi-layer viscous mount system, drastically reduces vibration levels for the operator. With reduced fan speeds, a large capacity radiator and the optimal usage of sound insulation, the noise levels inside the cab are kept to a minimum.
  • A large, widescreen, multilingual monitor provides all essential information at a glance, featuring simple and easy to operate switches and multi-function keys.
  • The tubular steel frame of the Safe SpaceCab™ provides very high shock absorbency, impact resistance and durability, with the seat belt design keeping the operator in the safety zone of the cab in the event of a roll-over. In conjunction with a ‘Falling Object Protective System (FOPS), safety can be assured at all times.
  • Large mirrors on both sides ensure that visibility meets the latest ISO standards, with the rear camera giving a clear view of the working zone behind on the wide-screen monitor panel. An audible travel alarm further promotes job site safety.
  • Protective thermal guards surround high temperature parts of the engine, with fan belt and pulleys also being well protected, however in the case of damage, fire risk is reduced by a pump/engine partition that prevents hydraulic oil from spraying onto the engine.

For more information call our office team on 01708 851181.