Concrete Structures

John F Hunt Construction teams work with clients to design, develop and build concrete substructures, cores and superstructures to the highest of standards.

Our in-house engineering design and construction teams understand the specific, technical complexities and logistical needs of complicated construction projects and advise clients of the most appropriate build system to suit their exact requirement.

We offer clients the most efficient and cost-effective value engineered solutions to deliver projects within programme and on budget.

Superstructures and Core Construction

We specialise in jump and slipform construction, collaborating with our clients to develop bespoke structures to their precise specifications. View Video

The engineered formwork system we employ gives us accurate, efficient build capabilities and immediate adjustment options, whilst the enclosed working area provides an excellent and safe platform for our construction teams and supplies.

We create custom made formwork for projects, supplying clients with calculated, to-scale models, for clear vision and understanding, using our 3D and BIM technology.

  • Jump / Slip Form Core Solutions
  • Table Forms
  • Tunnel Forms
  • Column Formwork
  • Horizontal / Vertical Panel Systems
  • Perimeter Screens
  • Panel Edge Protection
  • Pre-Cast Fabrication
  • Post-Tensioning
  • Permanent Formwork
  • Modular Formwork
  • In-Situ Cast work
  • One sided retaining RC walls
  • Infrastructure works including district heating
  • RC Superstructure Construction including PT and high-rise
  • Drainage installation – cast iron, clay, plastic, large diameter

Substructure and Basements

Due to rising costs and lack of space in major cities, clients are looking for deep but safe solutions below ground.

Our in-house civil engineering team specialise in providing bespoke substructures and reinforced concrete construction services. We take complex projects and offer problem solving solutions from job concept, through enabling, earth and support works to the completion of basement boxes. View Video

We advise clients on the best pre-construction option, following a thorough assessment of risks posed by site conditions and the supply of full geo-technical information based on soil make up and ground stability.

Much of our work is carried out in the City of London, where the challenge of tight site footprints, logistics, underground rail, waterways and busy pedestrian areas are ever present. Our professional teams liaise seamlessly with multiple stakeholders, Network Rail, LUL, Transport for London and Historic England when required, to deliver multi-dimensional projects.

By working with our demolition team, we aim to facilitate concurrent works and early zonal release, enabling us to offer our clients a cost and programme advantage for the benefit of the entire project.

  • Top-down deconstruction
  • Substructure demolition
  • Enabling/ground works
  • Temp works
  • Deep multi storey basement excavations
  • Obstruction clearance
  • Contiguous/Secant/Sheet piled walls
  • Bearing Piles (cfa)
  • Ground Remediation
  • Ground Heave
  • Basement RC
  • Construction (incl. waterproofing)
  • RC Raft and pile cap construction
  • One sided retaining RC walls
  • Precast solutions
  • Infrastructure works
  • Drainage installation
  • Underpinning/jacking
  • Remediation
  • Basement box construction
  • Waterproofing