Concrete Cutting are offering a brilliant new metal scanning service for non-destructive inspection of concrete structures.

The Hilti Ferroscan provides a portable, quick method of detection which determines the position of reinforcement, measures the depth of concrete and gives the position and diameter of rebar without damaging the concrete structure.

This technique is ideal when there are no plans or detailed drawings of the structure in question and where repairs or change of loads need to take place. It avoids either hitting or cutting through critical rebar reinforcement by providing you with an instantly clear picture of its position, bar depth and estimated diameter. It also reduces costly wear and tear on drill rig motors and diamond core bits increasing their working life.

When we visit your site, we would ask for as much detail as is known about the area we are due to scan, such as the age of the concrete, depth and any identified rebar etc; once the area is prepared with the grid sheets and set-up complete, the scans take place. The cable-less connection between the monitor and the scanner enable us to move freely and safely around your site.

A unique feature of this scanner is its specially developed PC software. Some information from the scans can be obtained immediately and given as a verbal report to your site team, however once the data has been properly processed, a more detailed report with statistics and assessments will be forwarded to you.

The scanner can be used in multiple applications and industries for building inspections, large area coverage, for tricky analysis areas such as bridges, tunnels and sub-structures.

Call or email John F Hunt Concrete Cutting today for more information or to book your scan on: Direct line 01375 366748. Divisional Manager for Concrete Cutting Mick Blizzard 07808 609846 or email