Weekly Roundup!

25th May 2016

John F Hunt Weekly Round-up It’s been another extraordinarily busy week for the John F Hunt Group. See a selection of images below from this week! John F Hunt Demolition continued excavation and breaking at their site near Fenchurch St station, within a busy area of the City of London. The project consisted of the demolition of 10 and 12–14 Fenchurch Avenue along with 117, 118, 119 and 120 Fenchurch Street down to the underside of the existing single basement slab. We used both floor by floor and l ong reach demolition techniques to reflect the various different types of building construction and to ensure minimum impact to the surrounding office environment.


Due to the sensitive location of the project a ‘Real-time’ noise and vibration monitoring regime was implemented immediately. Should limits be exceeded, information would be instantly forwarded via text to the John F Hunt Management team! Our Shoreditch project saw Archaeologists from the Museum of London Archaeology excavating down to the 18th century ground level – the same era as Shakespeare! This substantial one-hectare site is located in a busy area of Shoreditch and contains substantial historic interest. The project involved the demolition of two eight-storey office structures together with various low-level offices and warehouses covering the remainder of the site, with three potentially unstable listed buildings to be protected.


Continuous monitoring of the existing material beneath the ground slab for contaminants was necessary due to the historical use of the site. Demolition work has continued at our City of London project near Old Street station! Crown House office building was built during the 1980’s and is located close to Moorfields Eye Hospital. Specific forms of non-percussive demolition techniques were implemented to reduce noise and vibration. These included, the use of hydraulic cracker attachments to demolition machines, saw cutting to isolate the structure adjacent to the party wall and the use of temporary acoustic blankets to sensitive areas. Due to the sensitive location of the site and the surrounding residential buildings, care was taken to inform and discuss with the local community the works to be carried out and highlight potential disruptive issues.