john f hunt


Michael Tully, an asbestos operative for John F Hunt Environmental, working on site at the Bradwell Nuclear Power Plant has been given a special award for his excellent management of asbestos on site.

Here Michael is pictured receiving the award with Malcolm Brasted, Waste Manager and Demolition Manager on the left and Asbestos Manager Gary MacKnight on the right.

Following a difficult period for waste management at Bradwell, our team has been praised by the Clients for managing and controlling the works without fault. The control and monitoring for radiation contamination is obviously of the highest priority.

Michael carefully and safely handled numerous sealed bags of asbestos containing waste into 20 dedicated asbestos boxes per day, re-loading and scanning each box for every stage of the operation, before they were placed into the specialist sealed skip for collection and safe removal from site.

Malcom Brasted has organised a good John F Hunt team around him, with Matt Hunn on general waste and Michael Tully on asbestos waste.

Well done everyone!