Volunteering at St James’s Church, Piccadilly

13th April 2023

Organised through Matchable and as part of our social engagement initiative, members of the John F Hunt Sustainability team were joined by two local operatives to volunteer at St James’s Church in Piccadilly, refurbishing two basement rooms over the course of two days.

The Church’s Operations Director, Nick Thasarathar, had this wonderful message of thanks to our team, “Thank you so much for the wonderful support you provided us with in refurbishing our basement rooms at the church.

In refurbishing these rooms, you’ve helped St James’s to facilitate a changing room for our free clothing project, ‘Wardrobe’. This project meets the needs of our homeless community, who need durable, warm clothing to endure a life on the street, as well as those falling into poverty. The ability to choose what they need and try the clothes on in a well-presented private room lends dignity to the process.

You’ve also helped us provide a nice private space for our support workers to meet recently arrived Refugees and Asylum seekers, some fleeing conflict in Ukraine and others persecution in Africa, helping them to understand the application process better and get the support they need.”

Well done to Daniel Sweeney, Dave Dare, Francesca Cohen, Tom Seath, Adam Beckwith and Katrina Gresswell for your time and effort spent making a positive impact.