Tideway Tunnel – Chambers Wharf

Thames Tideway Tunnel / CVB Joint Venture

6 months


Bermondsey, London

Location & Overview

John F Hunt Concrete Cutting was involved in the entire Thames Tideway Sewer project, working on the tunnels to the East, West and the adjoining Central section. This site held the main tunnel to Abbey Mills Pumping Station at Stratford and received the main tunnel from Kirtling Street to the West. It was also the location for the connection tunnel driven from Greenwich Pumping Station, in the East.

Work, Challenges & Solutions

We undertook the demolition of 2 No. sections of the jetty and foundations to incorporate the new cofferdam on the East and West sections, using a dry wire sawing method to reduce any risk of contamination to the waterways.
425 tonnes from the West section were removed, and 380 tonnes from the East section.
Due to the strict noise constraints of the surrounding neighbourhood, we worked closely with our client at the tender stage, deciding upon diamond drilling, track sawing and wire sawing as the quietest methods to cut and lift the sections.


All concrete removed from the site was recycled.
Utilising quiet drilling and sawing techniques, our work was carried out successfully with no disruption to neighbours.
In spite of the vast amount of concrete that was removed, no contamination of the waterways occurred.