The Stage

Galliard Homes

24 Weeks


Shoreditch, London EC2

Location & Overview

This substantial one-hectare site, located along Curtain Road in the busy area of Shoreditch, contained interesting and substantial historic items of interest.

Work, Challenges & Solutions

The project involved the demolition of two 8-storey office structures, together with various low-level offices and warehouses covering the remainder of the site, and three potentially unstable listed buildings to be protected along Curtain Road.
John F Hunt designed and installed the temporary works to retain the stability of the three small listed buildings along Curtain Road.
Due to the remains of Shakespeare’s Curtain Theatre dating back to 1577, allowance was made to provide safe access for MOLA’s archaeologists to undertake excavations to the north of the site to expose the remains of the theatre.
We also excavated four 20m long x 4m deep pits with MOLA, to assess the extent of the possible archaeological interest.
Disposal vehicle movements to and from site were significantly reduced as a consequence of conducting ‘on site’ concrete crushing of demolition arisings, ready for its reuse as piling mat material.
Continuous monitoring of the condition of the existing material beneath the ground slab for contaminants was necessary due to the historical use of the site.
The project was successfully executed in a sympathetic manner to allow MOLA to undertake their works, consisting of the careful excavation of the remains of Shakespeare’s ‘Curtain Theatre’.


98% of all demolition waste generated from John F Hunt’s demolition activities were either recycled, reclaimed, or reused.