The Old Bailey


7 Weeks


London, EC4M

Location & Overview

The Old Bailey, also known as Justice Hall, the Sessions House, and the Central Criminal Court, was named after the street in which it was located, just off Newgate Street and next to Newgate Prison in the western part of the City of London. The project involved the removal of asbestos residue to the walls and ceiling of the former boiler room and the adjoining staircase in “The Central Criminal Courts”. The structure is a listed building therefore additional safety, and protection measures were required.

Work, Challenges & Solutions

The work area was accessed via “hangman’s alley”, the prisoner’s entrance to the courts, therefore, operations were carried out at night within constructed containment and controlled asbestos enclosures, with operatives wearing full-face RAS Asbestos airline breathing apparatus.
An Asbestos Consultant was on site for the duration of the works, carrying out air monitoring, both internally and externally to the enclosed area.
3 No. Torbo XL320 shot blasting units were used for the asbestos removal, of the painted brick walls, each powered by a 260 cfm compressor set at 7 - 8 bar, monitored constantly due to noise levels.
The blast material used was toughened glass, giving the required finish on the delicate surface, without damaging the brickwork.
All disused pipe work, electric cables, fuse boards and ducting were removed, allowing access to the walls and ceiling. The works progressed with caution, as the paint had to be removed, leaving the brick work undamaged.


The works were completed on time and within budget, with no disruption to the court or its residents.