The Fruit and Wool Exchange

Exemplar Properties

74 weeks


London, E1

Location & Overview

The Fruit & Wool Exchange and the adjoining multi-storey car park were situated along Brushfield Street, immediately opposite Spitalfields Market. The demolition of the 110m x 45m Exchange building, the 110m x 40m multi-storey car park down to the underside of the single basement and the excavation and construction of two further basement levels.

Work, Challenges & Solutions

Installation of a complicated basement temporary works scheme to retain the stability of the existing perimeter basement retaining walls, and further basement temporary works to support the 12m long perimeter sheet piled wall.
Design and installation of an external façade retention system along Brushfield Street and 350 linear meters of perimeter sheet piling with welded clutches.
The construction of 2no. large concrete culverts incorporating support decking to house the temporary substations and associated cables.
Devising a demolition strategy to allow the existing Barclays Bank and The Gun Public House to continue operation until possession.
Excavation of the site with MOLA to remove 12 bodies from an old burial site. The 8m deep excavation of the site.
Disposal of 55,000m3 of material and the import of approved fill material to allow the formation of the new raft slab.


Design and installation of an enormous external façade retention system along Brushfield Street Completion of the works with minimal disruption to neighbours and within programme.
Completing the project early for the client.