Strand East, Stratford – Largest Remediation Project In The UK

27th August 2015

John F Hunt Remediation has commenced the clean-up of 26 acres of land in Stratford on behalf of Vastint.

The works comprise the excavation and cleaning up of some 200,000m3 of soil, where the team will be tackling a legacy of industrial usage, clearing Creosote, solvent & hydrocarbon contamination A steam injection system has been installed to reduce the viscosity of creosote contamination, in order to enable the challenging pollutant to be extracted from the underlying groundwater.

The introduction of steam will facilitate the clean-up of the underlying aquifer and ensure regulatory compliance. In addition, solvent, hydrocarbons and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) contamination is being treated on-site using a combination of complex sorting, ex-situ bio-remediation, soil cleaning and windrow (aeration) techniques.

Some 7,000 litres of neat creosote has already been removed to-date from the groundwater, with approximately 50,000 m3 of soil is being treated using sustainable techniques—making the project one of the largest remediation schemes in the UK.