Stanford-le-Hope Railway Station

Henderson and Taylor

2 weeks


Stanford-le-Hope, Essex

Location & Overview

The soft strip and demolition of Stanford-le-Hope’s ticket office and cube, in readiness for the construction of a new ticket office and gate structure.

Work, Challenges & Solutions

Demolition of both buildings took place during possession times that were set by Network Rail, C2C Rail and Essex Council. This was when the electrical current and return conductor to the trains were isolated, closing the section of the route between the last train at night and the first train in the morning, allowing for safe trackside working.
The timescales varied from one 16 hour possession, two 3 hour possessions and one 4 hour line block to remove the sections of the structure that were outside the required safe distance from the overhead line equipment and the track.
We undertook the controlled regulated removal of hazardous material, took out the interior blockwork by small hand breakers, and used controlled cutting techniques on the steel frame in strict sequence, by gas torch.
All arisings were separated into allocated recycling bins and a 210 excavator was used to load the skips.


Project handover was achieved on time to the follow-on construction company enabling them to prepare for the building of a new, larger upside ticket office and downside public gate line structure.