Royal Mint Gardens

Client : RMS
Programme : 12 weeks
Value : £125k

Royal Mint Gardens
Royal Mint Gardens


Careys were awarded a design and build contract to construct a precast encapsulation structure over the existing DLR lines at Bank Station exit tunnel.

The completed encapsulation structure extended for approximately 150m from the tunnel face.


The cutting and removal of a parapet wall to the live Docklands Light Railway Portal Tunnel to aid the installation of the permanent precast encapsulation structure.

Maintained constant communication with DLR and Network Rail, throughout working hours for the initial services diversions and site constraints.

Cutting of concrete using diamond stitch drilling equipment at locations of footings of viaducts.

The walls were cut and removed through a series of vertical and horizontal cuts using a wire saw cutting technique for the vertical cuts and a track saw for the horizontal cuts.

The size and weight of each section was to be no greater than 1.5 tonne. Each portion of wall cut at approx. 2.3 x 0.8 x 0.25m.

Flame cutting of sheet piles using oxygen and propane at locations on perimeter parapet wall.


No reportable delays to the Docklands Railway, throughout our attendance.