Royal Mail, Nine Elms Lane, London SW8

Client : Royal Mail Group & M3 Consulting
Value : £380,000


Existing Structure & Location:

The site was owned by the Royal Mail Group and used as one of the main sorting and distribution offices serving the West London area.

The Mail Centre Building was closed in early 2012 in anticipation of the redevelopment of the area. The site was previously part of a former Gas Works constructed around 1930, a legacy of which has meant that the area was left with high concentrations of contamination within the soils.

Scope of Works

  • Demolition of the structures down to the top of the existing ground slab.
  • Contaminated strata below was to be remediated within a further package of works.
  • Main building was constructed from a heavily reinforced concrete frame with solid floor slabs.
  • Postal sorting area consisted of a light-weight modular single storey steel framed structure clad with lightweight aluminium panels.
  • Demolition of the former Mail Centre building and associated loading bays.
  • Removal of the high level footbridge
  • Diversion of existing power supplies to the Gatehouse and fuel island and the removal of asbestos products.
  • The demolition was carried out with the use of a ‘high reach’ machine, imported to site to remove the 5 storey reinforced concrete structures, which formed the main section of the building.
  • Works were carried out with minimal disturbance to surrounding businesses using substantial dampening down techniques deployed to ensure that dust was eliminated during the works.
  • The low level structure was dismantled and disposed from site using smaller 45T machines with attachments.
  • Resulting materials from the reinforced concrete structure was processed to remove the reinforcing bar prior to crushing the materials to 6F2. This was left stockpiled on site for the clients future use.
  • The project objective was to demolish the existing Mail Centre down to ground level only with minimal impact to its operation and the existing Royal Mail staff. This involved close liaison the employer and the associated Trade Union Associations, keeping them fully informed at all times regarding progress and method of works.
  • Our works included adjustments to the existing one way system, the use of temporary road closures, working outside normal hours and removing the operational footbridge.
  • The environmental emissions generated from the demolition activities were closely monitored by the site team who strategically placed remote noise, vibration and dust monitors to the perimeter of the site.


  • During the “out of hours” work, we were able to remove a large section of the east elevation of the structure with minimum disruption to Royal Mail operations, which was achieved with careful planning and regular consultation with Royal Mail Management and Staff.
  • In recognition of the works carried out on the busy live Royal Mail site, John F Hunt was presented with ‘The Considerate Constructors Bronze Award’.