Remediation saves clients £20m in 2018

5th March 2019

The John F Hunt Remediation team has been busy with complex and challenging brownfield sites.

They have continued to develop in the area of ‘asbestos in soils’, becoming a leader in the management of this particularly challenging contaminant and have undertaken amongst other projects, the remediation of a historic cemetery which had huge asbestos in soils contamination.

In the past year they have managed around 250,000 cubic metres of contaminated soils, saving clients circa £20m in the process and have treated 5 million litres of water…the equivalent of two Olympic sized pools!

Their involvement in Brownfield projects has also led them to diversify into major Civils, with the construction of over 2km of roads and sewers, complex service diversions and basement construction works.

Last year also saw the opening and strengthening of offices in Bristol and Market Harborough, meaning the John F Hunt name is now know further afield than just in the South East and opportunities are opening up to tender for works in Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and throughout the Midlands.