Queens Court, Glasgow

Glasgow Housing Association Trust


Toryglen, Glasgow

Location & Overview

A specialist team of operatives and explosive experts undertook the major 8-month preparation of the 22-storey building, which included asbestos removal, soft strip, and de-glazing of the windows. All non-supporting walls were removed, and 70 kilos of explosives were placed in preparation to be fired by a non-electric detonation system.

Work, Challenges & Solutions

The high-rise block at 24 Crossbank Road, Toryglen, weighing approximately 12,000 tonnes, was situated only a few metres from adjacent homes, therefore around 270 properties were evacuated for health and safety reasons, and residents from the affected flats spent their morning in the Geoff Shaw Centre, which was used as an evacuation centre which was outside the exclusion zone.
It took just under 10 seconds and under 70 kilos of explosives to blow down the multi-storey tower block, which had become the focus of worldwide attention when it was covered in multi-coloured paint for the Sony Bravia TV advert.
The decision to clear and demolish the properties was approved by Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) following extensive consultation with the local community.
Demolition of the Crossbank Road tower block marked the last step in the regeneration of the South Toryglen area.


The 12,000 tonnes of rubble created by the demolition was recycled, crushed, and graded to be used elsewhere.