Proof Testing, Shock Load & Lifting Gear

21st December 2012

Proof and load tests are essential in lifting gear maintenance and repair as they ensure the structural integrity of your equipment. Thameside Lifting carries out routine tests to ensure the safety and compliance with government regulations on all your safety and lifting gear In addition to proof tests, we also perform web sling tests to determine shock load.

web sling test

Shock load is the minimum amount of force exerted on a material sling that causes it to break. Knowing the shock load of your lifting gear equipment is a matter of life or death and it is imperative that you have this knowledge and use your lifting gear properly. We proof test a variety of lifting gear in our Essex based warehouse, which includes our equipment for hire or sale.

When you rent or buy from Thameside Lifting our gear comes fully tested and guaranteed. Every piece of equipment has a shock load capacity that is clearly printed on it, however, over time degradation can occur, which is why routine testing is imperative. At Thameside Liftingwe regularly test our equipment for hire in order to ensure it is maintaining its integrity.

Shock load test

For examples of the tests we perform, visit our YouTube page for demonstrations of shock load tests to gain a better understanding. All of our safety and lifting gear comes fully guaranteed and is maintained to the highest standard of care. When you choose Thameside Lifting, you choose quality, care, and responsibility. Call Thameside Lifting at 01375 366888 to schedule your proof test today, or discuss our in-stock lifting gear for hire or sale.