Onwards and upwards for Concrete Cutting’s team

8th March 2019

John F Hunt Concrete Cutting had a very busy year in 2018, carrying out large projects and Frameworks with customers in the South East and Midlands.

Maintaining their commitment to both the environment and personal safety, they are now FORS certificated with all vehicles being euro 6 compliant.

With a continued programme of training, Kieran Ferguson successfully won an award with the Essex Construction Training Association for Plant Maintenance. Brendan Parker also achieved Special Recognition from the London Region Construction Training Group.

The Bromley South project, saw the cutting of 7000 m2 of floor slab. A total of 12.8 kilometres of sawing in just 20 weeks!

The Tideway Super Sewer project continues with diamond drilling services on many locations along the sewers path.

The cutting and removal of the Hammersmith Inlet Chamber has enabled the new connection of the Super Sewer. Work was in a confined area, wire sawing and lifting the 14m x 5.5m central dividing wall…in tidal dependent conditions!

The deconstruction of the Screen Chamber building at the Falcon Brook Pumping Station, which was above the live drop shaft. The building was cut into sections and lifted for on-site processing and removal; whilst protecting the opening from falling debris.

Stich drilling 1m diameter and 3m deep holes in a concrete slab in the lower basement of Keybridge House for 5 months, to allow pilling to be carried out.

Vauxhall was a major project, removing the temporary piles within the newly constructed building, using innovative wire sawing techniques and a fleet of Brokks to break up the piles.

Their diamond drilling teams worked in the Midlands, carrying out key structural alterations to major shopping stores for several main contractors, all within a live high street environment. Onwards and upwards for Concrete Cutting’s rapidly expanding team and ever growing client base!