Moorgate Underground Station

Cleshar Contract Services Group


Moorgate, London EC2Y

Location & Overview

On behalf of the client, CCS Rail Group Limited, the main contractor Trans4M/Metronet employed John F Hunt Concrete Cutting Division to undertake the removal of a large concrete support structure, housing a redundant escalator installation. Moorgate Underground Station has over 100,000 passengers passing through the building daily. Works carried out on the escalator inclines whilst the station was operational, required thorough risk assessments and a high standard of site management.

Work, Challenges & Solutions

The project entailed the removal of 250m³ of concrete in a controlled and silent manner without disruption to the stakeholders.
Diamond drilling of approximately 600 No.200mm/112mm diameter holes to allow for the hydraulic bursting of 20 large support plinths was undertaken, followed by further processing of the concrete by means of a Robotic Brokk with a breaker attachment.
Auto-feed diamond drilling rigs with Weaka motors fitted with Nimbus drill bits were utilised, with two Hydrostress Bursters to complete the task.
Diamond Track Sawing of the walls and floors was also carried out to form new door and floor openings.


Any possible exposure to Hand/Arm Vibration Syndrome on the part of the workforce was eliminated, through the use of the robotic Brokk units and other diamond cutting equipment.
This complex structural project was completed on time and within budget.