London Gateway Port

D.P. World

26 weeks


Thurrock, Essex

Location & Overview

London Gateway is a unique development that combines the UK’s newest deep-sea container port with Europe’s largest logistics park, using world-leading technology to increase productivity and reduce costs. John F Hunt Concrete Cutting worked for CargoTec and 4Tronic, who provide cargo and load-handling solutions.

Work, Challenges & Solutions

Our works involved diamond core drilling 30,000 plus, 32mm diameter holes into the asphalt/concrete to install magnets within the dock concourse, enabling the robotic loaders to transport the containers around the site to their holding place.
Being open to the elements and on the foreshore meant continually battling the strong winds and driving rain coming off the estuary, which made precision drilling very difficult.


Successful installation of all magnets within the time frame provided, which assisted the project to come in on target.