Kensington Odeon Cinema, London W8 6NA

Client : Minerva / Delancey
Programme : 37 weeks
Value : £3m


Set in the heart of the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, the structure to be demolished was the iconic Kensington Odeon Cinema, located on Kensington High Street.

Prior to hard demolition, we assisted the Museum of London by providing access for a full photographic survey of the original 1930’s Art Deco building, after stripping away the 1970’s refurbishment.

Structural investigations carried out found that the auditorium was a ‘2 pin box structure’ which presented a potential stability issue.


A bracing scheme was developed and installed to stabilise the auditorium during dismantling, as the stability due to wind loading would cause the building to sway without it.

This was a sensitive project for both the client and council, requiring an attentive professional approach to this landmark demolition project.

Regular newsletters were sent out, workshops and presentations held with local residents and council committees, detailing proposals of when and how demolition works would be carried out.

The extent of the asbestos removed from the project far exceeded the quantities in the R&D survey provided, due to 1970’s refurbishment failing to note what was installed.


Awarded Performance Beyond Compliance from Considerate Constructors Scheme.

Achieved a 98.11% recycle & reuse rate from the debris generated during the works.

42,000 man hours were required for this project which was carried out without an incident or accident.