John F Hunt sponsor Challenge for Indee Rose

7th February 2020

The John F Hunt Group is sponsoring a Three Peaks Challenge this summer to help raise money for the Indee Rose cause. The Group will pay for all petrol required to transport the teams undertaking the challenge in 2 mini-buses, up to, in-between and back home from the event, with John Fenner, our Group’s Compliance Director, driving one of the buses.

The Indee Rose Trust support children in treatment for brain and spinal tumours. The organisation provides treasure boxes filled with toys and goods personalised to suit each child’s wishes, a holiday home by the sea where children and their families can rest, and also gives grants to children and families who have been hospitalised while receiving treatment. The charity, which gets at least 3 referrals a week, supplies the treasure boxes to children all over the UK, each of them costing around £500.

If you feel you would like to help support the Indee Rose Trust, you can donate at