John F Hunt Power Working The Docks

23rd July 2015

John F Hunt Power Ltd was chosen as the preferred supplier to provide a 1.2MW temporary power package at a very busy and thriving shipping dock in the eastern region of the UK.

The package was there to provide an alternative LV supply whilst the main HV ring was isolated in order for the docks to carry out much-needed maintenance and upgrades to the existing system.

One of the client’s concerns was fuel usage and how to keep the costs within their budget. Their original request was to have one large Generator to supply the LV Power, however, John F Hunt offered an alternative solution allowing the dock to save fuel and have a contingency in the event of a failure, ensuring there was always a power supply to the docks.

John F Hunt’s South Eastern Depot supplied 2x (new) 800kVA synchronised & canopied generators that could be positioned on the ground, accompanied by 2x 3000ltr tanks and load cables.

The generators and their control panels were programmed to respond to the sites load demands, when the load was at its peak demand both sets would run in synch and provide up to 1.2MW of power, when the load was reduced (under 600KW) one of the 800KVA sets would stop and wait until the load demanded increased again, then it would start up, synch and provide the relevant power required.

This system helped the Dock stay within its budget and complete the maintenance and upgrades within the allocated time frame. The power solution provided by John F Hunt Power Ltd was a great success from start to finish with the client complementing the equipment and service provided by all the staff at the South East depot and requesting that John F Hunt supply the equipment during the next phase of maintenance.