John F Hunt Power Supporting The NHS With 2.4MW

23rd July 2015

A large university hospital in south London invited John F Hunt Power Ltd to attend a project meeting in December 2014.

The meeting was to discuss how they could introduce a temporary Power supply to the whole hospital during a mains HV shut down.

Providing an alternative power supply to any building can present many issues and obstacles, however supplying power to a complete hospital site is a huge responsibility and takes many months of planning, but John F Hunt Power was confident we could do so.

After a number of project meetings with the estate’s department in the early months of 2015 we now had the power loadings and site requirements of the entire hospital, one of the hospitals demands was to ensure there was no loss of power to the A&E and Surgical wards at any time during the shut-down.

John F Hunt power offered the hospital a full turn-key package, using the new synch sets we would synch our generators to their existing switchgear and programme the units on the A&E and Surgical circuits to start and run without loss of power.

The other wards were to be started manually by the hospital team during the shutdown. John F Hunt would install, project manage and de-install the generators during the shut-down.

As we were unable to test our equipment on a live hospital circuit we arranged for a witness test on our new synch generators at the East Anglian depot where we have a full test rig set up for zero synch work.

The hospital estates managers attended the test and John F Hunt Power Ltd proved the system we had proposed worked and would be ideal for their shut down.

After the witness test, the hospital confirmed they were very confident that our equipment would provide the best solution and placed the order with the power team.

In early July 2015. John F Hunt Power Ltd provided the hospital with the following equipment, 3x 800KVA’s, and 2x 500KVA generators.

After 2 days of installation & set up we successfully supported the whole hospital site with temporary power, the shut-down went without any issues and the A&E and Surgical wards carried on as usual with no power failures thanks to the synch systems put in place by the power team.