John F Hunt Are Helping To Raise Money For Spitalfields City Farm

26th May 2015

John F Hunt Demolition are helping to raise money for ‘Spitalfields City Farm’ a local charity close to their ‘London Fruit and Wool Exchange’ demolition project.

The roof of the stable at the Spitalfields City Farm which houses donkeys, ponies, sheep, goats and cows, is in dire need of replacement before next winter.

They are looking for fundraising and donations towards replacing their existing roof with a new roof constructed from sustainable materials.

The roof will also be integrated with a renewable power source. John F Hunt wanted to support a charity local to their demolition site and felt that the Spitalfields City Farm was a worthwhile cause as it provides children from inner-city environments with the opportunity to see and learn about typical farm animals that they may never otherwise have the chance to see in a farm environment.

The idea is simple – we are providing a number of collection boxes within our welfare facilities in which our workforce, suppliers, sub-contractors and even the Client Team can deposit any small change they feel they can afford. Bill Unwin and Irfan are overseeing the ‘Raise the Roof’ fund – we will keep you updated on totals!