How To Setup An LED Lighting Tower

13th February 2014

Our LED Lighting Towers are not only durable, but allow for easy and efficient setup. The mast can be fully deployed within only 15 seconds, meaning that getting the tower into position is even quicker and easier than ever before.

Read on to find out how to get your LED Lighting Tower up and running in just 6 simple steps:

  • Step 1. Ensure the lighting tower is on a flat surface and that there is enough of an overhead clearance to fully deploy the 5 metre mast.
  • Step 2. Fully extend the front and rear stabilizer brackets and lengthen all four stabilizers to the ground (use the spirit level on the mast to maintain a level basis).
  • Step 3. Position the lamp heads towards the area in which the light is required.
  • Step 4. Turn the key to the 1st position (AC) and await the glow plug light to extinguish.
  • Step 5. Turn the key to the 2nd position to start the engine (when the engine is running you can then release the key).
  • Step 6. Turn on the main breakers to illuminate the chosen area and raise the mast to the desired height.

Find out more about our LED Lighting Towers by watching the video below:

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