Hammersmith Pumping Station

Client : Thames Tideway Tunnel/(BAM Morgan Balfour) BMB JV
Programme : 12 weeks
Value : £75k



As part of the Thames Tideway Tunnel project, Hammersmith Pumping Station is an existing Thames Water site in a residential part of west London.

The overall works were to enable the ‘interception’ of the sewage overflows from this site, reducing discharges by more than 95% and playing a key role in cleaning up the River Thames.

John F Hunt were appointed by Thames Tideway Central to remove the 14m long, 5.5m high and 2.5m wide central directional wall within the live inlet chamber.

Working to a height of 5.5m, we used diamond drilling rigs to create holes for wire feeding preparation and lifting. The concrete was then cut into 3 tonne sections with a diamond wire saw, which were lifted out and processed.


Working within the live inlet chamber under strict permit conditions, within a CP2 confined space using innovative wire sawing and lifting techniques.

Heavy rainfall meant frequent evacuation from chamber owing to potential flooding.

Isolating the remaining beams from the wall took some innovative solutions to achieve.