Hackney’s Green Oasis: From Wasteland to Haven

28th May 2024
Green Hackney

John F Hunt Limited, a construction company dedicated to social responsibility, recently partnered with Mace and the Tree Musketeers on a unique project.  Located at One Liverpool Street in London, a construction project presented an opportunity to give back to the community.

The project involved transforming a wasteland space into a valuable resource for the Tree Musketeers’ Community Tree Nursery located on Hackney Marshes.  With the permission of Hackney Council, a team comprised of John F Hunt employees (Barry McShane, Maris Stan, and Sumit Sumit), Mace representatives (Jonathan Emines, Martin Bailey, and Jacob Honeysett), and volunteers from the Tree Musketeers embarked on a day of hard work.

The team diligently cleared several tonnes of rubble, debris, general rubbish, and overgrown vegetation by handballing and wheelbarrowing the material to a skip located in a nearby yard. This dedicated effort ensured the wasteland space was transformed into a fertile ground for future tree cultivation.

The Tree Musketeers, a volunteer-run organisation, plays a vital role in Hackney by germinating, growing, and caring for hundreds of trees at their Community Tree Nursery.  These trees, meticulously nurtured by the volunteers, are then planted in collaboration with Hackney Council across parks, estates, and other green spaces throughout the borough.

This collaborative project exemplifies the power of teamwork and dedication towards environmental responsibility. John F Hunt, Mace, and the Tree Musketeers have contributed to a greener Hackney, one sapling at a time, by transforming a wasteland into a thriving space for future tree growth.

Learn more about the Tree Musketeers and their efforts to create a greener Hackney: