Gatwick Hangar 5 & PL 7 Building

BAA Gatwick & Taylor Woodrow

18 weeks


Gatwick Airport, London

Location & Overview

The late 1970s built hangar 5 and PL7 Industrial Buildings at London Gatwick Airport, provided an aircraft hangar, maintenance workshops, welfare, offices, and a storage facility.

Work, Challenges & Solutions

Constructed of reinforced concrete, structural steelwork, brick/block-work & profiled cladding, the structures were close to an air-side boundary but with direct access to the major road network.
Hangar 5 Structure required asbestos removal and complete demolition, as did the PL7 Building.
With the hanger only 15 metres from the live runway, the most important part of the project was to prevent flying debris from the demolition works from getting into the aircraft’s jet engines.
This was achieved by using a rotating cracker attachment on the excavator, fitted with dust suppression units. BAA staff constantly monitored the atmosphere for airborne dust and particulate.
Existing underground services were protected and retained for re-use, as was the overhead travelling crane in the ground floor workshop of PL7, following salvage.
360º tracked excavators with super long reach booms, rotating concrete crackers & integral water sprays were used to demolish the remaining buildings, whilst the profiled roof sheets in Hangar 5 were removed using a long reach machine with a grab attachment to expose the lattice work beams.


The use of the rotating cracker fitted with dust suppression units significantly reduced the dust generated.
A survey was undertaken to identify any potentially hazardous substances other than Asbestos and proposals for the handling and treatment prepared.
Completion of the works within programme and with minimal disruption to the nearby business from plant movement.
The job was completed to a very high standard.