Exciting times ahead for the Industrial Division

6th March 2019

The Industrial Division has started the year on an excellent, strong footing, with several exciting new projects kicking off right now.

Works continue for Phase 1 of B300 for Urenco at the Capenhurst Nuclear Facility and tendering has begun for the next phase. Other works at Capenhurst and Macclesfield have been completed, and the team have just started a Gas Holder at Oxted, whilst also mobilising for Stag Brewery in London and Devonport in Plymouth.

Willesden has now come to a close, with the Crane dismantling being highly praised by the senior teams at Costain Skanska. The team did a fantastic job, pulling together to complete this difficult portion of the works successfully, making it appear to have ‘just happen’ with ease and grace.

Industrial’s current tendering pipeline stands at over £30 million worth of highly complex works all around the UK, for high profile clients. They are still waiting to hear on a number of major schemes, all of which the team have worked hard on to hopefully secure.

Regardless of the result, the team have presented John F Hunt at its very best. Good Luck!