Crossrail – Liverpool Street


18 Months


London, EC2

Location & Overview

The Liverpool Street Crossrail project was split into separate locations, Moorfields, Moorgate and Blomfield Street, each site being immediately adjacent to the live LU assets, which required protection throughout our works. Undertaken directly for Crossrail, we were the Principal Contractor, responsible for constant liaison with London Underground, Network Rail & the City of London.

Work, Challenges & Solutions

6 to 7-storey commercial office buildings, with demolition on a floor-by-floor basis using 7-ton excavators with specialist attachments to reduce noise whilst breaking through heavily reinforced concrete.
Moorfields Building – the Metropolitan Line tunnel was immediately beneath the basement slab. Noise, vibration, and movement was a key issue and had to be continuously monitored. Our methodology and management ensured that all LUL assets remained protected throughout the project.
Moorgate – we designed and installed a full protection deck over the live underground station ticket hall, to ensure public safety and installed a tower crane which significantly improved the site logistics due to space being at a premium. Steelwork insulated in 50mm of sprayed asbestos in good condition was found, as were the stations supporting steelwork – 4 x 100m beams each of 2.5m high and all ancillary steelworks. The sprayed coating was removed under fully controlled conditions in individually constructed enclosures.
Blomfield Street – designed and installed a deck to protect the above-ground section of the Metropolitan Line tube and support the demolition scaffolding to the building. Materials were discharged internally, via a conveyor system removing debris up to a first-floor disposal gantry in Blomfield Street.


The asbestos removal was on a 24/7 working regime maintained over a 12-week period, with the total amount of asbestos waste being approx. 875m3 (25 x 35m3 skips).
The HSE visited the site during removal, the largest they had seen for many years & were pleased with its management.
Working on live London Underground infrastructure.
Significant interface between John F Hunt, members of the public using the station users and operational staff.
Controlling 24-hour working, movements and noise in consideration of the adjacent residents and local community.
All projects were completed on time and within budget.