Convoys Wharf, London, SE8

Hutchinson Property Group Ltd

12 weeks


Deptford, London, SE8

Location & Overview

Demolition of two warehouses down to ground level at Convoys Wharf, in Deptford, a 16.6 hectare derelict brownfield site. With almost 500 metres of river frontage, Convoys Wharf has a rich maritime history as a former Royal Navy dockyard. The utmost care had to be taken as the units were adjacent to the listed Shipwright Building and close to the Grade II listed Olympia Building.

Work, Challenges & Solutions

Removal of the asbestos roofs under fully controlled conditions.
Contamination hotspots, some of which were located partly in the proposed route of the archaeological trench were removed and treated in accordance with the clients’ Remediation Strategy.
All excavation works were co-ordinated with Unexploded Ordnance Specialists (UXO) in attendance, due to the amount of unexploded WW2 bombs recorded in this part of East London.
Following contamination clearance a trench was created for MOLA to carry out archaeological investigative work on the site of a Scheduled Monument.
MOLA found the timber gates which formed part of the old dockyard, which once recorded and documented, was back-filled when their works were completed.


No plant, machinery or materials could traverse or be stored in the area of the archaeological investigations, therefore we worked with MOLA, around the Scheduled Monument, successfully, without any disturbance to the historic find.
Close co-ordination with the Unexploded Ordnance Specialists, enabled precise and safe excavations throughout.