Construction Career Fun at Prior Weston Primary School

9th May 2023

Last week, Technical Director Davinder Reehal and Graduate Design Engineer Amir Khan from the John F Hunt Limited team at 1 Liverpool Street visited the Prior Weston Primary School in Islington to deliver an exciting presentation on the construction industry.

Topics covered included site dangers, machines, PPE (personal protective equipment) and how to stay safe on site. Epic videos of past engineering marvels from our John F Hunt team were shown. Examples included the controlled explosive demolition of Queens Court in Glasgow with charges packed in the tower’s column and an explanation of how radioactive asbestos was removed from the powerplant demolition in Bradwell. The students were engaged and loved every minute of it!

After the presentation, it was then time to put the children’s newfound knowledge to the test. A colourful illustration of a construction site was shown, and the students were tasked with spotting all the hazards. They found this especially exciting as it got them circling all the potential dangers posed on site…even the teachers were put on the spot!

Ending the visit on a high note, two sets of programmable LEGO kits were donated to the school to be used by the pupils for fun learning. Also, as Davinder is a full member of the Institute of Demolition Engineers, complimentary stationery and pin badges from the IDE were gifted, along with some John F Hunt Group goodies for the children.

The visit aimed to promote and raise awareness of demolition and construction and inspire the younger generation to consider a profession in the construction industry…as you can read from the following staff feedback, they sure did just that!

“The delivery was absolutely BRILLIANT – upbeat, inspiring, informative, perfectly pitched, exceptionally cheerful…and with a wonderful element of humour! Davinder and Amir displayed the right balance of warmth, approachability, and professionalism.

The preparation was so impressively thorough; the visuals captivated and engaged the children’s interest. The interactive element of spotting hazards really worked, generating healthy excitement! Such hard work has gone into the preparation, certainly meeting the objectives. There were lots for the children (and staff!) to learn and aspire to. Indeed, the staff and children were left ‘buzzing’ as the news spread throughout the school that it had been a fantastic assembly!

Not only was your assembly exceptional, but the generosity of your gifts was also beyond touching. We cannot thank you/your superiors enough for releasing you to us during that valuable time. A huge thanks to you both and John F Hunt as a company. We look forward to our continued friendship.”

It’s safe to say the pupils and staff were over the moon with the visit and goodies…here’s to our next generation of construction industry workers!