Concrete Cutting

The Concrete Cutting and Diamond Drilling Division of John F Hunt Ltd is totally dedicated to providing you with an environmentally friendly and less aggressive alternative to the traditional methods of demolition.

Concrete Cutting works both independently and hand in hand with our Demolition contractor, providing valuable advice on concrete cutting, core cutting and diamond drilling, as well as technical support, a vast selection of contemporary machinery and competent operators.

Limited Space, Environmental Considerations? How We Can Help You…

Typical applications of Concrete Cutting apply when working in confined spaces such as basements, where access for conventional machinery would present a problem or indeed where emissions from diesel engines would prove unacceptable.

Precision concrete cutting, core cutting and diamond drilling is invaluable when working adjacent to Party Walls and Retained Structures which dictate care and a vibration free environment.

When noise pollution is a major consideration for you, Concrete Cutting  and diamond drilling is fast and virtually silent machinery enabling work to continue and your deadlines to be met.

Concrete Cutting project in London

Our incredibly efficient and cost effective fleet of remote control robotic excavators are electro-hydraulically powered, allowing work to proceed in the smallest of areas, with no harmful fumes and by design, removing the operator from any hazardous situations.

Should you need any further information or help regarding concrete cutting, core cutting and drilling, diamond drilling, track sawing or our demolition contractors, please call us on:
Essex Depot: 01375 366748
Northeast Depot: 01914 111200

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