John F Hunt Concrete Cutting Run Creative Art Competition For Local Primary School

19th December 2022

In the lead-up to Christmas, John F Hunt Concrete Cutting joined forces with the students of Grays-based Primary School Deneholm to launch a festive art competition with a creative construction twist.

The competition was split into two separate challenges for children in KS1 and KS2. KS1 children aged 4 to 7 went wild with colourful creations and accompanying names inspired by an outline of a robotic demolition machine – a BROKK 280. On a blank sheet of paper, KS2 children between 8 and 11 invented their own concrete cutting machine with a unique name to match!

292 fantastic entries were received from all the students for the competition, which offered Lego and construction-related goodies worth over £400 and the chance to name one of John F Hunt Concrete Cutting’s very own BROKK 280 Robotic Demolition Machines.

The Prizes

The Concrete Cutting team was amazed by the enthusiasm and effort placed into every drawing. Among the wonderful artwork and inventive names suggested included Caramel Fudge, Cyber Drill T-34, Bob the Destroyer, The Spike Rat, Mega Drill Monster, and A.W.E.S.O.M.O. 3000…It was extremely difficult to pick the two winners because of this!

KS1 Submissions

 KS2 Submissions

After much deliberation, Sophie, aged 6, who created “George Power Bot”, and Chima, aged 11, who designed “The Scorpix”, were chosen as our two winners. We can’t wait to see these winning names on two of our Concrete Cutting BROKK 280 machines in the new year!

The Winning Artwork

With a visit from The John F Hunt Group Marketing team, the prizes and certificates were presented to a very excited Sophie and Chima. Lego sets were gifted to their classes as a massive ‘thank you’ for participating.

Sophie and Chima – Our Two Winners

Michael Blizzard, Director of Concrete Cutting, said: “Just before Christmas, our team gets together to think of fun and creative competitions for the local children to take part in. As a long-standing business and Thurrock residents, it is important for us to get involved in the community regularly, and this time of year makes it all that more special.”

“We were delighted to be invited by Deneholm Primary to announce and congratulate the winning children personally. In the New Year, we will invite the winners to our John F Hunt head office, where they can place their named sticker on the machinery themselves and even have a go at operating one of our robotic demolition machines…under our supervision of course!”

Headteacher Mrs Goyette said: “We were excited to hear of the competition when John F Hunt reached out to us, we love getting the children involved in projects beyond this classroom, and this has the additional benefit of having exciting prizes!

“It was lovely to see the winner’s faces light up when they heard their names called. Chima, our year 6 pupil, is a construction enthusiast and hopes to own his own construction company when he grows up, so I know it meant a lot to him that he won. The other children in the class were really excited for their fellow classmates and were so happy to see what they had won.”

John F Hunt Concrete Cutting is always looking for new ways to engage with the local community, and this competition was a great way to do that during the Christmas period.

We want to thank the children of Deneholm Primary School for their participation and hope that everyone enjoyed participating in the competition and that it has inspired them to think more about the construction industry.