Building 10, Imperial War Museum

Imperial War Museum

4 weeks


Duxford, Cambridge

Location & Overview

The environmental asbestos clean of the roof void in Building 10, involving the removal of the remaining cavity insulation, the complete clean of the roof void, removal of several ceilings and the full clean of all the rooms where ceilings had previously been removed.

Work, Challenges & Solutions

The works were undertaken within a listed building so consideration had to be placed on the protection of listed items.
Access to the roof void was achieved via mobile scaffold, with personnel using extendable ‘Oxford Safety trellis mats’ and harnesses which were attached to safety lines throughout the project.
All air monitoring, personal testing, background and leak testing was carried out with satisfactory results, and recording levels of airborne fibres were found to be below the exposure and fibre assessments provided.
The 4 stage clearance was completed on the first inspection and testing carried out, enabling the project to be completed on time and within budget.