A Muddy Good Day Out!

14th July 2015

A charity 5k run? Great! Running for Cancer Research UK? Sign me up! A group of us from the office doing the challenge together? Good idea! Doing all of this and getting muddy? Greeeat….wait. What?! …And that is how 7 John F Hunt employees, aka ‘The Muddy Hunts’, found themselves at the start line of the ‘Race for Life Pretty Muddy Challenge’ one Sunday morning in June.

As we lined up waiting for our start time we saw previous racers making their way back to the changing area. They didn’t seem too muddy. This was going to be a breeze. Right? The race took place at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and the track meandered through the wild flower gardens and paths around the park.

The first muddy obstacle involved us crawling on our hands and knees under a cargo net that was full of mud. We clearly weren’t getting muddy enough so helped each other out with a bout of mud-slinging.

This pretty much set the tone for the rest of the race. Assorted muddy obstacles followed where various manoeuvres and strategies, including rugby tackles and headlocks, were employed by members of the team to ensure that the rest of the gang were sufficiently caked in mud.

Watching from the side people probably thought we were very supportive of each other with the amounts of hugs that took place, but it was really just our way of ensuring that there was no inch left un-muddied! Even the event officials at the end of the race commented on the fact they hadn’t seen people as muddy as we were.

That must be a good thing….I think? The muddy challenge was a very random but worthwhile and fun way of spending a Sunday morning, whilst raising money.

Thank you to everyone for their kind donations…£850 raised so far! There is still time to give to our Just Giving page https://www.justgiving.com/muddy-hunts/