Lever Hoists

Lever-HoistsRatchet lever hoists for lifting, pulling, lashing and tensioning.

Hand Lever Hoists are versatile, portable units for pulling, tensioning, lashing and lifting of loads. The operation of the Hand Lever hoists is easy and safe.

Light weight, robust malleable cast iron model, free chaining, slip clutch, stamped steel or aluminium housing, low operating effort. In the Yale product range you will always find an optimal hoist for every type of operation.

The brake system of all Yale hand lever hoists are based on the original Yale patent of the British engineer Thomas A. Weston dating back to 1875.

All parts of the load brake are made of high quality materials and are protected against corrosion.

The engineering principle behind the load brake finds its rightful place in all hand lever hoists world wide. Our supplier, Yale, exclusively uses asbestos free friction discs in all their hoists. The surface protected zinc plated alloy steel chains fulfil all the requirements of national and international standards and regulations.

In accordance with safety regulations, the chain stops are designed to withstand double the rated capacity to ensure the chain does not unintentionally run free.

The drop forged load and suspension hooks that yield under overload instead of breaking, are made of high tensile steel and are standard for all Yale hoists.

The hooks are fitted with robust safety latches and rotate 360°.

Every ratchet lever hoist is factory tested with overload. The units are supplied with a test certificate showing the serial-No. Operating instructions which contain an EC declaration of conformity are also attached to each unit.

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