Young Street, London W8 5EH

Client : Grainger PLC
Value : £1.3 M


Duration: 32 weeks

The site was previously an N.C.P. car park situated in a dense residential / commercial area adjacent to High St Kensington, West London.

The project required the demolition of a reinforced concrete multi storey car park with offices located at ground level. The building was flanked on either side by a Victorian Public House and a University Campus, with residential properties to both front and rear elevations.

Asbestos cement had been used extensively as a façade feature to the front and rear elevations,

Scope of Works

  • Removal of asbestos, soft strip and demolition down to the top of the basement slab after fully encapsulating the structure with scaffold,
  • monarflex and acoustic panels.
  • Our temporary works engineer to designed a support system that could facilitate a greater capacity of excavators, that would reduce the environmental effect of the works upon the local community.
  • Installation of a temporary works scheme to stabilise the neighbouring buildings whilst we removed the extensive foundations which were found to be in excess of 4m deep pads.
  • Removal of existing foundations across the site to a depth of 4m and the crushing of demolition arisings to produce material for re-use in the pile mat. This further reduce lorry movements to and from site.
  • Due to the sensitive location of the project a ‘Real Time’ noise and vibration monitoring regime was installed immediately relaying exceedance via text to the John F Hunt Management team.
  • Throughout the project extensive discussion and liaison with neighbouring businesses were carried out by our site management team to ensure that potential neighbourly issues were dealt with in good time. This included visiting neighbouring businesses and introducing ourselves, the issuing of regular newsletters, arranging monthly ‘surgery’ sessions and conducting brief presentations outlining our proposed works.
  • Review of working times and locations were also considered due to nature of the neighbouring businesses, to minimise nuisance of works.


  • Awarded ‘Performance Beyond Compliance’ from the Considerate Constructors Scheme.
  • Completion of the works with minimal disruption to neighbours and within programme.
  • Highly commended by the client in achieving challenging programme and site constraints, delivering on time and budget.
  • Further works are now being procured with the client based on the delivery of this project.
  • Our strong relationship with the RBKC Council representatives proved very beneficial in assisting with both pedestrian and traffic management strategies