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        Carbon  neutrality is achieved by calculating a carbon footprint and reducing
        it to zero through a combination of efficiency measures in-house and supporting
        external emission reduction projects.

        The  Carbon  Neutral  Protocol  gives  businesses  a  rigorous  and  transparent
        framework to deliver carbon neutrality.

        In 2020, responding to the declaration of a climate emergency and

        recognition of the contribution required by the construction industry
         in reducing carbon emissions, John F Hunt Ltd set out its strategy to

                                    reach carbon neutrality by 2050

        Carbon  neutral means that net emissions  will  be zero,  achieved by a

        combination  of  decreasing emissions and taking  measures to  offset  the
        remaining emissions which we are not able to eliminate.

                      957.8 Tonnes                                        29.7 Tonnes

                    SITE EMISSIONS - FUEL &                             GRAYS OFFICE ENERGY
                     ELECTRICITY   SCOPE 1                                       SCOPE 2

                   8023.3 Tonnes                                                 TOTAL

                           TRANSPORT                                            9010.9
                  MATERIAL EMBODIED CO2
                       & WASTE   SCOPE 3                                 Tonnes CO2e

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