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Executive Summary

 As a driver  of  global economic  growth,  the   We have also used technological innovation to
 construction   and  infrastructure   industry will  be   aid our progress and will be rolling out our internally
 central  to  a  sustainable,  efficient  and  profitable   developed paperless digital system. This will aid in

 future. We recognize the critical role we play in this   reducing our carbon footprint and allow for smarter

 and have set targets accordingly to deliver low   decisions to be made from data driven insights.
 carbon projects.

                                            “Our Journey to Zero” details our commitment to
 With    COP26  now  including  finance,  we  can   reducing our emissions and our ambitions to become

 already  see  a  link  between  funding  capital  and   Carbon Neutral. We hope to leave a positive and
 ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) in   long lasting legacy where John F Hunt will be at the
 the market, with loans being linked to sustainable   heart of future sustainable development.


 We  have  set  ambitious  goals  and  can  align to
 meet client demands and specification for any ESG

 backed funding.

 Our    commitment    to  achieving  third  party
 certification  for  our  carbon  management  in

 infrastructure    projects  will  be  met  in  mid  2022;

 meaning we will  then be able to deliver these
 projects in line with PAS 2080 requirements.

 We have invested  heavily over recent years in the

 latest  plant,  equipment  and  technology,  helping
 to  bring us to  the forefront  of innovation in the
 construction industry.  This includes yearly investment

 in our generators that can be run on GreenD+HVO

 fuel and also electrified plant machinery.

 We made this adaptation early before any increases

 in red diesel duty occur, to ensure we can deliver                              John Hall

 consistent results and seamless integration into our                 John F Hunt Group
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