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Our Targets & Commitments

        John  F  Hunt  Ltd    will    help    mitigate    climate    change  though  the  use  of
        sustainable plant, fuel and machinery, which includes company cars. However,
        we recognise that our own energy use contributes to climate change and is a
        significant operating cost to our business.

        We have set out below our minimum targets, which will assist in achieving the
        UK’s Net Zero targets.

         In 2020, our total emissions level was 9,010.9 tonnes of CO2e gases.

                      We propose to                                             The aim is for
                   cut our greenhouse                                     our portfolio of projects
                gas emissions in half, to                                  to be carbon neutral

                          4,505.4                                          and achieve net zero
                 tonnes of CO2e before                                        emission before
                     2030                                                     2050

                                                                     +4 C                 Policies
                      We will remain                                                       +3.9 C
                  transparent with our                                           Pledges
                                                                                & Targets
                 progress and disclose                               +3 C        +3.0 C    +2.9 C  Optimistic
                 our figures on a yearly                                         +2.4 C    +2.1 C    +2.6 C

                            basis                                    +2 C        +1.9 C              +2.0 C
                                                                                                     +1.6 C
                                                                    +1.5 C
                                                                    +1.3 C        1.5 C PARIS AGREEMENT GOAL
                                                                                       WE ARE HERE
                                                                                       1.2 C Warming
                                                                                       in 2020
                                                                     +0 C
                                                                                   PRE-INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE

                                                                      Glabal mean
                                                                     temperature        Climate Action
                                                                       by 2100                Tracker
                                                                                        (Updated May 2021)

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