Webbing Slings

Thameside Lifting offer a full range of Simplex, Duplex and Double Duplex web slings.

Simplex web slings offers a single layer of webbing with soft eyes at each end.

Duplex web slings offer 2 layers of webbing with soft eyes at each end.

Double Duplex web slings uses four layers of webbing to increase the tonnage of the sling.

For further information please call our sales team on 01375366888.

Which size suits you?

Flat Web Lifting Slings are available with metal end fittings, soft sewn eyes or as endless belt slings. Woven from high tenacity polyester yarn, these slings offer solutions to most lifting problems.

Their low weight, flexibility of use and ease of handling can give significant improvements in safety and costs when compared to other forms of lifting equipment.

Please see our specification chart to select the appropriate sling to suit your lifting methods.

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Thameside Lifting put your safety first, with our testing facilities, we are able to guarantee safety factors on our consumable items.

Don't be tempted by cheap imitation imports, our stock of British manufactured slings have passed our strict & thorough testing.

For further information please call us on 01375 366888.