RSQ Fall arrest Descender Block

Need a solution to your rescue plan?

The Ultra-Lok™ RSQ Self Retracting Lifeline’s exclusive dual-mode operation allows the user, prior to connection, to choose between fall arrest requiring assisted rescue, or self rescue.

This models two-in-one operation allows the device to be optimized for the job site while providing the ultimate level of worker safety. After setting the device mode, should a fall occur, the following will happen:

Fall Arrest Mode (Assisted Rescue): A speed sensing brake stops the fall, reduces forces imposed on the user to safe levels of 900 lbs. or less and allows for assisted rescue to take place.

Automatic Rescue Mode (Self Rescue/Descent): A speed sensing brake stops the fall just like in fall arrest mode, then instantly a centrifugal brake activates lowering the user at a controlled speed to the next level or ground.