RGL20 – Kinetic Fall Arrest Lanyard

The RGL20 is a new innovation in safety lanyards, which incorporates inner webbing that, in the event of a fall will stretch under a constant controlled force thus reducing the impact on the wearer.

  • The RGL20 is usually supplied in two standard lengths: 1.3mtr and 1.8mtr excluding connectors
  • The outer webbing provides additional strength way in excess of the 22kN requirements of EN354.
  • Typical results show a breaking load of around 27kN.
  • In addition to the ambient tests required of EN354 / 355, this product has also been tested in wet, frozen wet and frozen dry conditions of – 35 degrees C.
  • The RGL20 only has these 2 components thus providing versatility, simplicity and negates the need for a separate bulky shock pack.
  • The fall arrest force trace is a lot smoother than with conventional tear webbing, and the permanent elongation (displacement) is also less at approx 1.20mtrs for a fail factor 2.
  • Tear webbing extends by approx 1.55mtrs, therefore the clearance below the user can be reduced.
  • Inspection is simplified due to minimal use of components and the total weight is less than other typical lanyard types.
  • The RGL20 also incorporates a rip stitch indicator that automatically deploys in the event of a fall.
  • The outer webbing is also treated with a water repellent coating, which should extend the life of this product.

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