RGH4 – Front, Rear & Side D Harness

The RGH4 includes all of the features of the RGH1-3 harnesses.

This comfortable harness is designed for operatives who spend a lot of time working at height and in exposed areas.

  • The RGH4 is a “multi task” harness and will allow operatives to access almost any area in safety using a combination of all the RidgeGear products available.
  • As with the RGH2, this harness is suitable for use in performing rescues from height using the RGR4 rope rescue kit.
  • As with the RGA3, the wide belt fitted to the RGH4 is comfortable and provides lumbar support to the operative and is fitted with three gear loops for carrying tools, leaving the hands free thus maintaining the required three points of contact when climbing.
  • All of the features, combined with a good load bearing capacity, make this harness the ideal choice for the professional.
  • The harness is fully adjustable and is fitted with rip stitch indicators.
  • The ring connection between the chest & the shoulder straps, ensure no stress loading when force is applied the front dee ring.

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