RGH3 – Rear & Side D Harness

The RGH3 combines the basic fall arrest harness with a comfortable work-positioning belt in one unit.

  • The harness is fitted with a rear dee and two side dee rings mounted to the belt and can be used similar to the RGH1.
  • When fitted with a pole/work-positioning belt (RGP1&2), the harness can be used for pole climbing or work-positioning on open structures.
  • In certain circumstances, the side dee’s on the RGH3 can be used for work restraint in the horizontal plane.
  • The wide belt fitted to the RGH3 is comfortable and provides lumbar support to the operative, with three gear loops fitted for carrying tools, leaving the hands free thus maintaining the required three points of contact when climbing.
  • The harness is fully adjustable and is fitted with rip stitch indicators.

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