RGA14 – Aluminium Rope Grab

Although the uses for the RGA14 lightweight rope grab are numerous, our largest client is currently the aircraft industry, where the RGA14 is used for customised adjustable length fall arrest lanyards.

  • The RGA14 is designed to provide either fall arrest or restraint protection depending on which system is specified.
  • It is also currently used in the Rope Access industry, as a protection device on the safety rope.
  • The RGA14 is for use with 10.5 – 12.7mm Kernmantel Rope.
  • The RGA14 can easily be removed from the main access rope simply by removing the connection karabiner.
  • When used for vertical progression, it is recommended that slight tension be placed on the bottom of the rope to aid movement.
  • In working conditions it is usual to provide additional fall protection equipment to protect the user when detaching from the device at height (i.e. RGL Range).

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