RGA12EA-Stainless Steel Rope Grab C/W Shock Pack

The RGA12EA is designed to provide vertical/inclined fall protection to operatives ascending /descending a ladder or structure.

  • This version of the rope grab is for use with 11mm Kernmantel Rope only.
  • When used by itself, the RGA12EA should be connected directly to the chest attachment of a harness (RGH2/RGH4), via a karabiner, ensuring that the operative is held close to the structure and in the event of a slip, the fall distance and loading on the top anchor is minimal.
  • If more freedom of movement is required, the RGA12 EA version is fitted with a shock pack.
  • This unit is successfully used in the field for protection on portable ladders.
  • In use it is recommended that slight tension is placed on the rope to aid movement, as with all highly flexible systems.

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